Coastline in Taiwan

The first steps of FootLuce Adventures…

When I think about what I want from life, it is to see as much of the world as possible. And for as long as I can remember, I’ve thought that way. Travel is my absolute passion. 

People always ask me why I love to travel and there are so many reasons…

San Blas Islands, PanamaThe sense of excitement and adventure that comes with arriving at a new place. Seeing the beauty and diversity of the landscapes around the world (including beaches, like the one pictured right!). Getting to meet new people, both locals and other travellers from all over the world. Being able to learn about other cultures first-hand. Sampling new food and drink (and I eat A LOT… ask anyone who knows me!). Trying new activities, especially ones that include an adrenaline rush. Exploring and hiking to places that not many people get to see. 

Where I’ve been so far

As a child, I was lucky enough to be taken on some amazing holidays by my parents, and the travel bug has well and truly stuck. From road trips in the USA, ski holidays to the Alps, trips to South Africa, UAE, Oman, China, and to many cities and beaches in Europe. It gave me my first taste of what the world had to offer

At 15, I had already decided I was having a gap year to travel before going to Uni, so started planning that trip 3 years in advance (yes, I’m super organised!). My first backpacking trip with my friend from school took us to the USA, Fiji, New Zealand, Australia and South East Asia. 

I worked during University as a waitress to save money to travel in the summer to Peru and Bolivia with my flatmate. I have since lived in Canada and Australia, been back to SE Asia and through Central America.

My first “proper” job in London gave me the chance to visit Toronto, Barcelona, Berlin and Sydney. Even when I wasn’t travelling with work, I was planning my next long weekend or holiday away with friends.

Where I am going now

I’m currently on my first solo trip in Asia, working on the road as a freelance event producer and marketing manager. I don’t like the term “digital nomad”, but can’t find a better alternative, so will go with it for now.

Green Island in TaiwanI started working while travelling in February this year, so I’m still getting into the rhythm of working on the road. Things like testing out where I get the most done – cafes, my airbnb/guest house or a shared office space, and when – usually I block out certain days or half days just to focus on work. 

There’s no set route or time-scale. So far, I’ve been hiking in Nepal to Annapurna Base Camp, discovered the delights of Taiwan and am now in Laos.

Next on the list is Vietnam, Myanmar, The Philippines, Borneo and Indonesia, so keep your eyes peeled for posts about these places. 

Why I started FootLuce Adventures

I was writing more and more for my job and realised how much I enjoyed it. On my recent trip to Central America, I wrote a diary-style travel blog for my own memories and sent to a few friends and family. So, I thought why not do it properly – which led to FootLuce Adventures!

Cycling in Costa Rica“Footloose and fancy-free” is how I was, and still am, feeling about my life, so a little play on words with my name (I’m Luce (or Fish!) to anyone that knows me) seemed to work well.

Adventures because this is what I like doing most! Mostly outdoor activities that involve hiking, skiing, cycling, swimming, scuba diving, jumping off things or out of planes!

I want to share my experiences, but also help you to plan your trips too. Plus, I hope to provide some sort of entertainment with the usual trials and tribulations that come with travelling!

Please follow my journey for tips on destinations, outdoor activities, the best places to work from, and of course, the most delicious things to eat!

Thanks for reading my first post! I hope you enjoy reading my blog – please let me know what you think in the comments below.

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  • Rosie

    Love your blog Lucy! Sounds like you are having an awesome time! Totally jealous! Look forward to reading more! Keep having fun! x